Monday, January 10, 2011

Tribute to the Seahawks

Glorious Seahawks! Champions of the heralded NFC west with an excellent record of 7-9, they obviously were successful in their first playoff bout due to the general greatness of their team and Pete Carroll the legend. They now move to 8-9, but be not dismayed, before all is said and done they will be fully 2 games above .500 for the season! 11-9, what an accomplishment. While every other team marches out in fear of the Patriots every day the Seahawks prepare themselves and are fully ready for any opponent to approach. The Packers may be the best team in the NFC but that doesn't matter, because nobody believed in the Seahawks but the people in that lockerroom, and they will universally succeed from hereon out. Bears? No chance. Falcons? Not a shot.

Of course I'm projecting a Seahawks vs. Patriots Superbowl, clearly the best team in either conference. However, I don't think the Patriots can match the Seahawks' fire, intensity, passion, and crowd noise. It doesn't matter if they play on a neutral field, the crowd in Seattle will still drone out everything else in the entire world. They may be vastly inferior to the Patriots in every measurable regard, but it is in the intangibles that we must investigate.

Firstly, Pete Carroll is clearly an inspirational man, his harrowing tale of being wrongly accused of rigged recruiting at USC is something we can all feel compassion for. Secondly, Carroll is a much more beloved Head Coach than Belichick in New England, the fans and team will turn on Belichick, that malevolent force of darkness, and all will support Carroll and the Seahawks. We are assured that the forces of good (Carroll) will triumph.

Fortunately every other team in the NFC is a joke, all resting their players anticipating an easy victory, but the glorious Seahawks will emerge victorious! It will not be a miracle when the Patriots fall, but a graceful ascension to their rightful position as champions of the NFL. No team can match their heart. No team can match their soul. No team can match their charity. The Seahawks will rise to the occasion and ensure the doom of all who dare trespass upon the hallowed ground on which they stand. Nothing is more certain than this.

*cough* Go Packers *cough*

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