Saturday, January 1, 2011

A much delayed experience

              What is the good of experience if you do not reflect? ~ Fred(erick) The Great
With this great wisdom from Fred the Great I present this absurdly late plan post! I turned on a recording of the MSU game the instant I got home and my computer was subsequently hijacked for about 5 hours, alas. Also Happy New Year.

Sunday ~ Celebrated Mediocrity - Bioware
In preparation for this I not only played Jade Empire but also watched half a Mass Effect LP. Later this month Mass Effect 2 is getting released on PS3 so I'll play either that or Dragon Age Ultimate Edition for more potential trashing later. Mass Effect would almost certainly get the same treatment as the other games but Dragon Age may not, we will see. I do so desire randomly murdering innocent people though. Yay ridiculous moral choice systems.
Monday ~ Hall of Fame
It is Hall of Fame time in the baseball land so I'll give you my ballot and blab a bit about it without retreading too much. Joe Pos has a few great posts on the subject recently.
Tuesday ~ The Fighter
I originally thought I would fail to see this but I magically found a companion to watch it with. Pretty shnazzy Boxing film (seems like there has to be one with the same plot every 2 years, and each one is somehow still enjoyable).

Wednesday ~ Resistance: Fall of Man
What's this!? A PS3 game reviewed? Insanity. This game came out an astonishingly long 3 months after Xenosaga 3, and retained the best PS3 game title for about 2 years.

Thursday ~ Bowl Recap
A followup on the sad sad fate of the beloved Spartans, who could have seen this coming!?
Friday ~ The Fellowship of the Ring
The series review begins! This film has some wonderful characters that don't make much of an appearance in the later films, how good do I think it is? Well I've seen it like 8 or 9 times more than the other 2 if that gives you an idea (mostly due to TBS).

Aside - Apologies for the lateness of this post, but I did make it in before midnight, huzzah. I won't post tomorrow until the afternoon so this'll be the top post for more than a few hours. I would have put up a poll to see whether you guys think I should play Mass Effect or Dragon Age, but Mass Effect appears to fall into the exact same game conundrum of the other games so mayhap Dragon Age will cure my hatred.

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