Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm finishing my coffee

Oh please, dear? For your information, the Supreme Court has roundly rejected prior restraint. ~ Walter Sobchak
Huzzah plan post. I've decided to start a new sequence of films right away instead of waiting a couple weeks, though I may watch an alternate film next week depending on what happens. I only have 3 of them but Coen Brothers' films shall follow!
Sunday ~ Demon's Souls
Ahoy! This will be the most detailed review yet in a single post, as I feel this game deserves an elaborate treatment to determine it's final score. It is certainly the most intriguing of the PS3 exclusive titles, if not the best, and while it is very hit or miss sometimes it is overall an excellent game and a bright sign in a sea of brown haze.
Monday ~ Playoffs
Yet another playoff post, perhaps if the Pack had failed initially I'd be less interested but I'm now locked in for the whole postseason. The Bears Defense almost singlehandedly won my fantasy football league so I'm still scared. Perhaps McCarthy had an epiphany last week and won't play the game retardedly, or perhaps Tramon Williams will save the day.
Tuesday ~ Fargo
Fargo is universally praised, even by Coen' Brothers haters, and for good reason. In this ridiculously cold weather I feel it is fitting to watch this beloved film and its silliness. Some of my family is from the Upper Peninsula so I'm used to people saying "eh" all the time and the hilarious accent, though it's not quite as silly as it is in Minnesota.
Wednesday ~ Suikoden V
I haven't played Suikoden II all the way through yet but it felt a bit stale compared to this wondrous game. While most of the other games suffer greatly from the 108 characters this one integrates quite a few of them well into the story and the main cast of 15-20 or so are more or less excellent. Strategic battles that are actually vaguely difficult and strategic! Insanity.
Thursday ~ Australian Open
Behold the sport that I pay the fourth most attention to! I'll go through most of the potential storylines and describe the situation on both the Men's game and Women's game in general. Nadal vs. Federer remains the most exciting sporting event I have ever witnessed neglecting the 2005 World Series. The Nadal vs. Fed Open Final of 2 years ago was absolutely amazing, and I'd recommend anyone watch it on ESPN 3, live or not.
Friday ~ Oscar Nominations/ Inception vs. Social Network Part 2
I waited this late so I'd have a clearer picture of who precisely is nominated, but in case you didn't notice the Social Network is now a Juggernaut favorite as opposed to a moderate favorite to win Best Picture. It has fallen to 8.2 on imdb and will quickly fade into nothingness as people realize it's pretentiousness and overall mediocrity compared to some of this wonderful year's films. However at the moment it is still receiving ridiculous praise.

Mass Effect 2 was finally released for PS3 for the whopping price tag of 60 bucks. The game is fully a year old now and after watching this LP I was legitimately interested enough to play the sequel, but the price tag instantly turned me off. I don't really understand why they wouldn't release it for at most 40 even with a lot of DLC included, DLC has always been a ripoff compared to the price of the actual game (Rockstar excepted). I bought Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, possibly the best new game out right now for 40, but this year old tripe can't be sold for less than 60 beans on PS3 when it's going for 20 bucks on 360 and less on the PC? Madness. I bought it for PC.

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