Monday, January 17, 2011

Belichick's head explodes upon hearing the worst chant ever

Unfortunately unlike last week there was only one good game and I failed to watch it. I'm now playing Dragon Age Origins at least for a while, but since I'm playing it directly after Demon's Souls it will undoubtedly be not impressive. But I did still watch 2 games and my favorite team won so I suppose it wasn't all that bad of a week. The real tragedy is no 6 seed over the Patriots in the Superbowl happiness.

Patriots vs. Jets
This game was nowhere near as close as the final score shows, the Patriots were within 1 score of the Jets for all of 2 minutes in the second half. Braylon Edwards, master of the dropped pass and Michigan's all time leading receiver, somehow became a mastermind for this one game. Santonio Holmes made the 1 catch he's good at making like always, and that 1 catch makes him a crapload of money even though in general he's a pretty crappy receiver. The biggest tragedy is that Brady failed to shred the Jets for 7 TDs and 0 Interceptions though, unlike their 45-3 meeting of this past year. I'm afraid I'd have to suggest that Rex Ryan's wife cast a spell to curse Belichick with her foot fetish powers and is undoubtedly a witch. She should be burnt at the stake for this horrid action and limitation of the guaranteed Superbowl winners who somehow failed to win.

I did watch the whole game despite it sucking for the most part since I wanted to see the Patriots come back in riveting fashion but the only team that came back this weekend was Pittsburgh and every other game was a demolition of the other team. No David Tyree, no Gilooly, no Counter Terrorist Takedown, I'm truly saddened by this dull result. Perhaps Tom Brady will go down as the biggest choker of all time, he who failed to win the Superbowl in 2 years when he had a 99% chance to win it (approx.) Alas John Elway's repeated failings before 1998 will probably always hold strong. The Jets still have a tough road in front of them, having to beat the Steelers and more likely than not the Packers, who are quite clearly the best team in the NFL ever. But they did take down Goliath so I guess they deserve some mild support. J E T S JETS JETS JETS!!! is retarded though, particularly when a player is shouting it by himself on the sideline like a spastic 4 year old.
Score: 28-21
Packers vs. Falcons
This game played out much like the first game against the Falcons should have, without some bizarre luck and retarded coaching they would have won easily. The Packers are a 6 seed and the Falcons are the 1 seed but the Pack was more or less the favorite going into this game. Unlike last week where McCarthy almost sucked enough to let the Packers lose they actually stayed with their game and won with relative ease. While Starks received a healthy number of carries the Pack kept trying to drive down the field instead of just running the ball for 3 and outs and 2 minutes off the clock like last week. For the first time I've been satisfied with his coaching performance in a big game, huzzah. Aaron Rodgers is like Peyton Manning, doesn't throw picks and always drives down the field as long as you let him pass the ball, but if you don't pass the ball it hurts the offense greatly and the other team will get multiple chances at the endzone.

We had a 28-14 lead at half so my great concern was that McCarthy would do what he did last week, as the king of poor clock management, but he actually let the offense still stay productive and we continued to drive and score another 17 points while running the clock out in the second half. Of course the Falcons collapsed, perhaps fearing another pick by the Packers due to the immortal Tramon Williams of last week fame. However, if they had kept forcing 3 and outs I'm guessing they would have been able to keep it dangerously close and frightening, instead the Pack destroyed them, and rightfully so. The Baltimore KC game was worse than this one, but not by much.
Score: 48-21

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