Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's allll... part of the plannn

"Nobody panics when things go according to plan... even if the plan is horrifying. If tomorrow I tell the press that like a gangbanger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics. Because It's all part of the plan."

No, I'm not reviewing the Dark Knight, the plan for next week is here! I doubt I'll be able to think of 30 different plan gimmicks so I'll probably cycle between Napoleon quotes, Joker quotes, Iago quotes, and possibly a few others.

Sunday ~ Xenosaga Episode 1

A wondrous game with ridiculously good voice acting, blue haired robots, and an extremely good plot, what's not to like? Well, it's too damn easy for one, but the storyline by itself carries it quite well, even if there are some frightening Anime cliches of doom. I'm going to review these in sequence since I intend to review Final Fantasy XIII in a month or so and it is fairly similar (also continuity is good for the heart and soul)

Monday ~ Michigan State's Football Season

Hurray for State, best season of my lifetime. If they hadn't lost to Iowa they'd... still not be in the National Championship, so I guess playing last year's champ is the next best thing. We're heading to Orlando to play Alabama and the evil Nick Saban in like a month, how the hell did MSU even get there given their pentient for terrible-ness?

Tuesday ~ The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Going to see this with my fundamentalist Christian sister today, wee. Actually these movies have pretty good action scenes despite a Lion getting crucified not producing any blood whatsoever, and Liam Neeson shows up to say cool shit occasionally too, hurray.

Wednesday ~ Colony Wars: Red Sun
Yarrr more retro games. This is mostly in an effort to avoid reviewing exclusively JRPGs for a bit, since up until the X-Box/Gamecube/PS3 days those are most of the games I played and own. Also I randomly found the CD, twas a sign from Liam Neeson God.

Thursday ~  Absurd Baseball Contracts

Even if you don't like baseball its still fun to read/talk about how much you hate A-Rod and other money grubbing bastards who happen to be good at bashing things with a bat/throwing dangerous objects at people. We've had quite a few added to the list in the past few weeks, hopefully Cliff Lee signs his by Friday.

Friday ~ First Blood
 A somewhat realistic rambo movie? What is this... It's pretty damn awesome!

For the game grading scale, a few things. Difficulty is not determined exclusively by its sheer brutality, but rather how smooth the game feels while still challenging you throughout, thus an extremely difficult game is a "+" but a perfectly balanced game is "+++" being easy works in the simpler way however. I was possibly a masochist once upon a time, but now I am relatively sane and aware of when something is frustrating as opposed to challenging, or smooth as opposed to trivial. Difficulty that strays from the norm of the series gets a solid bonus as well, since its re-establishing/reworking something which is inherently poor. Graphics generally will only get a + or a -, unless the game is Crysis. Graphics are very important for replayability to this age, particularly on the PS1, some games just look really terrible now, whereas 2D games still look fine and most PS2 games look good enough. Also I like fapping to Blu-Ray PS3 craziness, which is endlessly beautiful (though granted most of those games will still only get a +)

Edit: In a tragic turn of events I've failed to realize that tomorrow is not, in fact, monday and so the schedule was revised accordingly.  

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