Saturday, December 18, 2010

Controlled Chaos

 The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

Hurray another plan post. How many things can I possibly give 8/10? T'is a wondrous question. There will actually be some continuity in this week's set, apart from excessive use of particular genres so far.

Sunday ~ Xenosaga II
Ah, the saga continues. What went wrong this time around? Not as much as I implied earlier, this game isn't too bad it just has an extraordinarily tedious opening quarter or so. I do seem to recall the end being fantastic though and I'm somewhat more encouraged to start playing it as opposed to just reviewing it straight off. I'm about halfway through Xenosaga III now playing in the most retarded fashion possible (i.e. Acquiring physical abilities for Magic based characters, very little use of Kos-Mos) to see if I die once and it has been moderately challenging thus far. I'm not one for silly JRPG challenge runs but since I was going through it again anyway I may as well make it somewhat interesting.
Monday ~ Parity in Sports
Looking at the past 10 years which sport of the top 3 is the fairest and how much does a salary cap have to do with it? Is it the NFL with the absurdly dominant Patriots and Steelers, the NBA with the Lakers and Celtics, or the MLB with the Red Sox and Yankees?
Tuesday ~ Tron Legacy
Going to see this with my brother in law today in 3D (but probably not I-Max), in direct competition with Narnia for worst movie I see this holiday season! I've heard it's incredibly visually impressive and sucks in most other regards, but *gasp* so did the first Tron.

Wednesday ~ Final Fantasy I/II
I probably won't bother replaying these as I mysteriously lost my copy of Origins some time ago and the old version of II hasn't been translated as far as I know. I intend to only do one Final Fantasy per month and as I've said before going to do XIII next month so I'll probably alternate oldest with newest each month. The next one I'm likely to play through is V but I'll probably revisit XII for 5-10 hours, just long enough to kill Yiazmat again.

Thursday ~ How to Stop the Patriots
I think we can all agree that Belichick is not of this world. With the concussion of Aaron Rodgers it appears the Patriots will have beaten almost every competent team in the NFL by the time I make this post, what hope is there to stop them once more? Miracles and mischievous plots ahoy!

Friday ~ Once Upon a Time in America
I just bought this movie, another of the De Niro 1976-1991 run of greatness. De Niro is possibly the best actor in that period than any other in history, even Marlon Brando, and that run of films even includes my favorite movie. Could it be The Untouchables, where he has a fairly minor role and bashes some random guy over the head with a bat (Baseball!), perhaps Goodfellas, of Ray Liotta fame, Raging Bull, or the Godfather Part II? Actually I haven't seen Raging Bull either, but this particular film seems to be the least heralded of the bunch while still retaining a good deal of critical respect.

Why don't I play more game types or watch more diverse films you ask? Well in terms of JRPGs my old objective with games used to be waste as much time as possible, so naturally the most longwinded and sometimes tedious games would appeal to me. I do have a quite varied set of games now, but much of my PSX/PS2 library consists of said JRPGs. In terms of films I will see random action movies in theaters but for the most part I'll only watch classics at my house, and very few of the specifically arthouse variety. You may find most of the movies I review to be quite violent, but such is simply a way to reassure myself of a glorious fountain of testosterone and manliness.

Random Favorite Song: Don't Fear the Reaper
Random Game Song: Silly Techno gibberish

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