Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blogging for the hell of it

Who am I?
A strange question is it not? I am a 22 year old Michigan State University gradua... wait a second you don't care do you? Hmmm, neither do I.
Dramatis Personae
Ah here we are, who am I on the internet!?   Well, I have various aliases, chronologically it goes something like this; Starcraft: Brood War ~ Baron_Efreet, Diablo II ~ Valgresas, World of Warcraft ~ Valgresas 80 Warrior, Call of Duty: World at War ~ Carbiner, Warhammer Online ~ Fredchuckdave, Teulu, Playstation Network ~ Valgresas.

Why Blogging?

Well, apparently I'm an occasionally funny dude who likes to troll people a lot on forums, but I haven't been engaged in the trolling game of late so I mostly just sit around and wait. I'm relatively certain this is how my entire life will proceed (Robin Williams' Carpe Diem be damned!), but for the immediate future I have a hell of a lot of time and not much to do with it so I'll attempt to entertain myself writing this. I enjoy writing tremendously so this shouldn't be too difficult regardless of viewership. I'll only advertise to a few people at first then gradually expand to the mighty Warhammer IRC channel and maybe contact some old WoW buds and see where it goes from there. There may or not may be a montage considering a 25 year old dude playing a 12 year old and saying pay it forward. Come on guys, I need moar viewers! Actually I really don't give a shit, but either way. A wise man once said: "If you write enough shit eventually something will be at least half not shitty by accident." Wise words my friend... wise words.


I'm going to write about three things mainly, Video Games, Sports, and Movies/Literature (mostly movies for the time being, especially considering how good the year has been in that regard). I will write one post a day and try to keep it from being too long (exception for this Saturday) in sequence on these topics, except Saturday when I'll write a blog update showing what'll happen next week and blah. The real sequence begins on Sunday but since this is most suspiciously not Sunday (or Saturday) I'll simply fall into the pattern by default.

Tomorrow I will discuss Inception vs. The Social Network, the two heavyweights for Best Picture at the moment. This will be a so-called "mammoth post," the first of many parts, presumably updated around once a month with a new part. Saturday will be an exception and I shall write about my online gaming history (may be boring to random readers, probably interesting to people that know me) Sunday I'll write about my retrospective plan for purchasing a Playstation 3, which I've felt quite solid about so far. Monday I'll write about the Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons football game of (what will be then) two weeks ago. Tuesday I will write a review for the Silence of the Lambs, which I have not seen yet but I did purchase quite some time ago; some random new motivation for watching it I suppose (I'm a pussy). Wednesday I will write about Vagrant Story the best damn game ever made, in another mammoth post.

This blog may contain random trolling by accident, since its simply how I write, but it will likely not be written for the sole purpose of trolling, despite the emazing title. Alas. MMO posts will undoubtedly be incredibly boring to some viewers and interesting to others, and Baseball posts will also be of the same vein.

To Pedants: I hate you so much. Well, actually some tips on improving the format may be helpful, but never write a post about grammar unless you're a huge tool or I do something which looks incredibly ugly (i.e. writing the same exact sentence with one word slightly different in the same paragraph, happens by accident sometimes). Thank You.

I will try to post a random youtube link a few times a week for humor purposes, for now here's my favorite song.

Thank you for viewing random person.

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