Saturday, December 25, 2010

How the [Fred] Stole Christmas

Then the [Fred] thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.

Yay another plan post. Since we're nearing the end of the month I'll give you a preview of what's to come in the next month. Stayed up last night till 4 am having realized I wasn't going to have time to finish Xeno 3 by tomorrow.

Sunday ~ Xenosaga 3
The first JRPG discussed with a large amount of fanservice, crazy misogynist Japanese. This review will be a bit more detailed due to the 40 hours I spent going through it again. Somehow I beat it 10 hours slower this time around, even discounting the sidequests and time spent screwing around. I suppose I'm not quite as good as I once was, alas.
Monday ~ What happened to the Pistons?
An NBA post! The pistons won the championship in 2004 and were a more or less dominant team in the east from 2004-2008, why did everything go south following the Iverson trade? Their recovery seems to be in the distant future, despite being a somewhat storied franchise.
Tuesday ~ True Grit
Saw this yesterday, yet another very good Coen movie. For some reason the studio is promoting an inferior film (the Fighter) for awards but here's to hoping some random movie beats out Social Network for Best Picture. First movie I'm guaranteed to buy quickly after it comes on DVD since Inception.
Wednesday ~ Jade Empire
Ah Bioware RPGs... According to a whole shitload of random morons their games are vastly superior to standard JRPGs, except not really. This is a prelude to a post next week for more Bioware hatred to be yet revealed. Bethesda's games are unique and interesting and separate themselves from traditional RPGs, Biowares don't do quite so much. I'm sure if it was "Star Wars: Jade Empire" It'd be the best game ever though. What's an American RPG about Japanese people called? AJRPG? ARPGAJP? The game industry needs more abbreviations.
Thursday ~ Bowl game discussion
Not really a standard complaint about the BCS or anything, just what to watch and what not to watch. TCU was not matched up with an SEC team so the Sacred Evangelical Conference could be safe from certain destruction. Good thing the National Champion's going to have recruiting violations for the hundredth year in a row.

Friday ~ The Outsiders
Another film I've owned for a while but haven't seen in ages. Directed by the director of the Godfather and Apocalypse Now! A huge number of people who would become stars down the road in it, and a great deal of humorous cheesiness just like the book. Stay gold ponyboy!

Month Ahead
The next two series will be Suikoden (III-V) and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, also expect updates to Vagrant Story and Inception vs The Social Network posts. I'm going to return to PS3 games for a while in my own playtime, starting with replaying Resistance: Fall of Man on Hard, then moving on to Assassin's Creed and finally Demon's Souls. Once I finish with those 3 I'll do at least half of another game for the magical blog as opposed to a few hours to refresh my memory.

Fanservice is a very strange and perverted function of Japanese culture. Unfortunately when present excessively it is completely impossible to take certain female characters seriously, and Xenosaga 3 is no exception. I have no problem with small to moderate amounts of it but a large amount becomes quickly disturbing. I really wanted to see all of the female characters half naked for no reason whatsoever, adds so much to the plot! Ugh. The first 2 Xenosaga games are within acceptable limits but the third not so much.

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