Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now I want you to remember

No Bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He did it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country. ~ George Smith Patton
Good ol' Patton, solid American hero representing the ideals and the silliness of American culture. While Patton was not, shall we say, a great general by any other standard but those of the beleaguered Americans, he was certainly an entertaining fellow with plenty of good quotes and information. Apart from that George C. Scott played him brilliantly in the movie which I am not going to review, at least not this week, though there will be a few discussions of war ahead.

Sunday ~ Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy IV, or II in the United States, was up until recently the most difficult of the Final Fantasy's and also one of the better ones. Not particularly overrated like VI and yet still captivating and certainly when using an emulator with fast forward superior to recent editions.

Monday ~ NBA Discussion
The NBA is finally getting into an interesting part of the season and this year's playoffs look to be the most interesting in recent memory. I don't think much of the Lakers Celtics rivalry but having 5 title contending teams in the East and 3 in the west makes me very interested to see what occurs. I suppose I'll root for the Heat since I think Lebron is a decent enough guy, if followed around by numerous morons, and Wade is certainly an officer and a gentleman, but the Knicks acquiring Carmelo Anthony makes the last 30 games of the season quite interesting, though not if they lose to the Cavs repeatedly.

Tuesday ~ The Big Red One
This is another one of those films I've had in my possession for a while but have yet to actually watch. I've heard that Mark Hamill is actually quite good in it and apart from his Joker voice this might be his finest performance. Luke goes off to war with Lee Marvin and we hope that his Jedi powers can lead the First Division to victory.

Wednesday ~ Samurai Warriors/XL
This game is the finest of DW's breed (and all closely related games as well) and for a number of reasons. Electronic Arts actually hopped in for publishing as this came out shortly after Dynasty Warriors 4 (which sold well here as well as in Japan) and the production values for this game are absurdly high compared to the rest of either series. What's more the XL disc actually adds quite a bit to the game and makes it thoroughly enjoyable for endless hours.

Thursday ~ AL East
In this post I'll discuss the current status of the AL east, including a brief discussion of the Red Sox and Yankees and the declining but still possibly excellent Rays and surging Blue Jays. Additionally I might discuss the relative quality of the AL/NL and use interleague records as evidence.

Friday ~ Fist of Fury
Bruce returns to the screen for more amazing shirtless antics and demolishes all in his path once more. I haven't seen this film either though I might be able to hazard a guess to what happens in it. "The Big Boss" was actually also titled Fist of Fury in some locales but this is an entirely different yet entirely the same film starring the man himself.

The month ahead will include a variety of Tactical RPGs, namely Front Mission 3 (Dual reviews for both scenarios in the game), Front Mission 4, Final Fantasy Tactics, another game (I have quite a few so who knows what that will be), and one of the best games I own to end this particular sequence, this might be the best set of games I review since some genres do tend to be rather poor by comparison, despite every game having nearly the same gameplay. 

I will also review Final Fantasy XII though the chance of me actually playing through it is quite small, I will most likely continue from a save where I was about to get the Zodiac spear extremely early in the game and mess around for a while. As previously mentioned Dynasty 7 and Warriors: Legends of Troy will be released in a few weeks though I doubt I'll buy either before they fall in price. Battle: LA is soon to come out for more silly entertainment but I'm not particularly optimistic about it, Unknown is probably going to be the best film until May so I reiterate: Go watch it.

Random Favorite Song: War

Random Favorite Game Music: Jidoor

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