Saturday, February 12, 2011


Doctors will have more lives to answer for in the next world than even we generals.  ~ Napoleon Bonaparte 
No, not a political post, I merely have run out of plan gimmicks. Or rather Napoleon quotes beat the hell out of a random quote I could've pulled out from random strategist X. Salute to Naps, the last great man the earth ever saw, hard to believe it's been 196 years old friend (Well 188 if you want to get technical), you were the best my good man. The best!

Sunday ~ Red Dead Redemption
I believe this is the first game I've officially "100 %" completed to review, though I probably won't get the platinum trophy. It is not my copy of the game so I don't really feel any need to play it multiplayer for 100+ hours, though I might try it out in the next few days. Westerns are an awesome setting for video games and Rockstar is still the king of sandbox games even with the relative mediocrity that was GTA IV.

Monday ~ Baseball Game Length
If you've seen the Future of Sports you may already have a general feel for this post. Baseball games are considered to be way too long, the average Red Sox Yankees game takes somewhere between 3 hours and 30 minutes and 4 hours, I can't imagine actually sitting in Fenway for that long but I'm sure most pink hat fans don't. Both teams are the slowest in the MLB of recent years in general and when they come together to celebrate the greatest rivalry they decide to take 20 minutes between pitches and while it's sort of humorous to see how the announcers will respond to the ridiculous game length most of the time it does get a tad boring.

Tuesday ~ No Country for Old Men
Ah here we have the undisputed critical champion of The Coens. While Fargo may be more respected, No Country actually won Best Picture in the closest race of the decade between itself and There Will Be Blood. Personally I think the films are roughly equivalent with only the God awful score of the latter really weakening it. It is one of my favorite recent films. Unlike There Will Be Blood this film is actually rewatchable without getting horribly depressed, even though both films are quite grim and gruesome.

Wednesday ~ Dynasty Warriors 4/ DW4 Xtreme Legends
With the next 3 games I will be doing double or triple reviews for the little mini expansions. The expansions have this gimmick where you can put in another CD to "import data" but actually all this does is enable another part of the XL CD so you can play both games with it, so effectively it's the most dastardly corporate cash-in imaginable. That said the XL games do have their bright spots from time to time.

Thursday ~ How to Troll ( Part 1?)
It may come as a shock to you but after the Superbowl there really are no sporting events up until spring training and March Madness so I may take a few opportunities to explain the basics of forum trolling. Those bright souls amongst you readers may have discovered something rather odd about the title of this very post, if you are clever enough to gather that scrap of information then you may yet have what it takes to troll! If someone knows where Herkz is come show it to him, he always wanted to learn.

Friday ~ Willow
Willow is one of those films I saw over and over as a little kid but managed to avoid seeing for around 10 years afterward. It is also incredibly awesome and humorous in it's own way. Val Kilmer delivers his best performance ever as Mad Martigan and yells at a bunch of midgets for a few hours.

Warriors: Legends of Troy is coming out next month and I may take a stab at it but I assume it will get the same old crappy reviews that are impossible to distinguish between. While the Dynasty Warriors series itself is now full of garbage the offshoots are actually fairly good in their first go around (though subsequent sequels are also terrible). I bought the Tron Soundtrack and it is quite excellent, I generally buy about one soundtrack per year and Daft Punk hath earned my fee with their Techno/Classical mix of greatness.

Random Favorite Song: Around the World

Random Favorite Game Music: Battle for Survival

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