Saturday, February 5, 2011


You're gonna die clown! ~ Happy Gilmore
I refuse to review Happy Gilmore for fear of disrupting fond childhood memories, however I will be reviewing two funny movies and a rather humorous game this week. Adam Sandler movies are almost universally terrible but I always liked Happy Gilmore, though I haven't seen it in several years.

Sunday ~ Scarface the Game
Here we find what is most assuredly the most popular game amongst rappers ever. In fact I'm pretty sure 50 cent carbon copied the combat system into his actually halfway decent game Blood on the Sand. This is the first game with a "swear button" which lets you taunt your opponents and if you time it just before they die you get a nice bonus! Also collecting Kilos of coke is endlessly entertaining.

Monday ~ Superbowl XLV
Hopefully I'll be celebrating the grand expected victory of the Packers. This appears to be on paper one of the most competitive Superbowls in years, which probably means one team will blow out the other. I'm perfectly fine with that as long as the Pack wins. Actually we have a tendency of letting the other team stay close so it'll be an agonizing wait for the game ending interception methinks.

Tuesday ~ The Big Lebowski
As you may have guessed I find this movie to be hilarious, but I'll try to review it from a semi-objective viewpoint since some dinks like to mention this as the epitome of not funny or something equally stupid. The Coen's haven't made a comparable purely funny movie yet but I'm sure they will eventually. Unfortunately True Grit has been absurdly successful so they may stick with drama for a while.

Wednesday ~ Dynasty Warriors 3
The Koei tour of terror continues! I'll probably stop prior to advancing to the Kessen series and do that in a few months, but still plenty of "Warriors" games to go. I don't actually own this game but I've played it a fair amount (never played 3XL) and done some entertaining co-op with a few friends. This game does feel quite a bit different from DW2 but after this is when it started to feel extremely same-y, though review scores didn't drop until 2 games later.

Thursday ~ Professional Sports Lockouts
After the end of the NFL season it is time to discuss the potential professional sports dual lockouts of the NBA and NFL. I am a baseball fan over the other two (though only slightly over football) so it doesn't affect me too much but perhaps if both sports do get locked out the MLB will have a resurgence again. It's one of those pretentious millionaires suing billionaires Social Network stories, joy!

Friday ~ Silver Streak
I was considering what to review for this week when I suddenly remembered I'd bought this and had yet to watch it. I have seen it before but it is really quite awesome and still compels me to think 70s/80s humor is vastly superior to the present day.

Scarface is one of the most fun Open world games ever made, the accumulation of endless amounts of cash and coke is incredibly addicting. Assassin's Creed 2 sort of tried to mimic this but ultimately failed. San Andreas may be superior but it makes me wonder if someone combined all of the good elements from Sandbox games into one what would happen? I've yet to play Just Cause 2 which is supposed to be outstanding but I do have a general sense of the Sandbox market. Red Faction Guerilla's blow up anything system is pretty sweet, but the rest of the game falls quite short. Red Dead's setting is unmatched but the actual gameplay is fairly tedious. GTA IV has some impressive elements but falls well short of matching San Andreas. Mayhap one day we'll have an all encompassing open world game that most everyone likes.

Random Favorite Song: Summer Madness

Random Favorite Game Music: Ruin

Shoutouts to the Mighty Light and Galdor, masterminds of the past, lords of nostalgia

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