Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Caffeinated Approach

If you ask the Pot, the Pot will answer. ~ Sigourney, Deadly Premonition
This week's quote comes from an extremely odd game, currently being LP'd in enamoring fashion by Supergreatfriend. The archive is here. It's the sort of game I'd never bother playing due to the terrible gameplay but which has a wonderful storyline and various humorous characters to make it cinematic enough to watch once a week or so.

Sunday ~ Assassin's Creed II

In anticipation of finishing Brotherhood by the end of march I figured I might as well review this. This is the one game I have a Platinum Trophy for (though I'm very close on a few other games that I intend to replay/review at some point) and is the second game I played after resistance following purchasing the PS3. Elaborate plot, various methods to stab people, and not nearly as annoying as Assassin's Creed the original.

Monday ~ Albert Pujols
Pujols is finally getting some time in the spotlight. Despite being the best player on earth for almost a decade he hasn't really received all that much attention. I suppose if he was much more promiscuous and banged every hot chick in sight he'd be deserving of more attention though. It looks like the Cardinals are low balling him by $100 million, who will pay him 30 million a year for more than 8 years?

Tuesday ~ Unknown
I saw this on Friday. This is basically billed as Taken 2.0 and I have already heard comparisons to the Bourne movies. Let me clear that up for you though, the Bourne movies are loaded with impossible to follow action sequences with a fuckload of worthless shaky cam, this and Taken on the other hand are very well shot and the action is easy to follow while being exciting.

Wednesday ~ Dynasty Warriors 5/XL/Empires
3 games at once!? Actually it's more like 1.5 at best, this is not the glorious high production value Warriors game to which I have alluded to just yet. This is the first DW I personally owned and I have played it quite a lot, though Lu Bu only has 15000 KOs or so. As you may be shocked to find out it turns out it's exactly the same as every other Dynasty Warriors!

Thursday ~ Sportscasters
In this post I'll review several sportscasters and discuss what makes one good, bad, or ugly and just how prone the vast majority of them seem to be to saying completely obvious stuff. FJM talked a great deal about this sort of thing and obviously Caliendo's Madden is everyone's favorite impersonation (though his comedy is repetitive at best)

Friday ~ Big Boss
A while back I was randomly inspired to buy The Way of the Dragon to watch Bruce Lee fight Chuck Norris and got several other movies along with it which I've yet to watch. Bruce is pretty charismatic and obviously the best martial arts fighter of the modern generation so I'm curious to see how many one inch punches and murderizing he accomplishes in the other films.

Random Favorite Music: Runaway

Random Favorite Game Music: Gato's Theme Remix

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