Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh Noes!

Unfortunately my life has gotten a fair amount busier in the past week and it looks to be continuing that way into the future. I'll still write movie reviews once or twice a week and the occasional game review (next month I might have a biweekly White Sox update as well). Plan posts will be monthly instead of weekly as well, and this is the first one.

Next week I'll be reviewing The Machinist starring Christian Bale in another obscure, but this time full of range, role. Future films to review this month will include There Will Be Blood, A History of Violence, City of God, and my favorite movie of all time. I may also review other films as well. The next movie I'm going to see in theaters will probably be Thor and I'll naturally post a review of that as well.

Game reviews will include, in some order, Resident Evil 4 (the greatest single player shooter of all time), Resident Evil 5, Valkyrie Profile 2, Killzone 2, and possibly a few others. In the more distant future I'll be reviewing Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Uncharted 2, Every God of War, and possibly Vanquish. Saint's Row 2 and Painkiller (two Yahtzee supported games no less!) look to be on tab relatively soon as well.

As far as sports are concerned I'm going to buy a month subscription to to watch every White Sox game in April and then go from there, the NCAA tourney is interesting enough but I only have CBS at the moment and I'm too lazy to watch games online so I wouldn't really have much to say there. Gus Johnson is awesome, the whole tourney is an entertaining crapshoot, Fuck Duke, et cetera.

Albert Pujols' next season: 74 HR, 250 RBI, 400 OPS +, 350 million dollar contract over 10 years, count on it.

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