Saturday, March 12, 2011


Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. 'Forward, the Light Brigade! Charge for the guns' he said: Into the valley of Death; Rode the six hundred. ~ Lord Tennyson

In Celebration of Aaron Eckhart's amazing alien killing powers we celebrate the Crimean War! A good old fashioned Trench battle predating both the American Civil War and World War I, but foreshadowing both. The war was not exactly strategically interesting but yet a great deal of poetry was written about it since it was the first widely publicized War, as reporters came along for the ride and most of the people who died died due to poor medical care, with only a scant 10% of casualties coming in actual combat.

Sunday ~ Sid Meier's Pirates!
This game was redone 17 years after the original was produced and I'll look at the modern version. I own it on X-Box and enjoy it quite a bit. Like every Sid Meier game the higher difficulties more or less eliminate the enjoyability of the game, striving for realism instead, though Pirates isn't quite as bad as some of the others. Normal is too easy and Hard is tedious and irritating, alas. Still a fun game regardless.

Monday ~ MSU's miraculous return
Michigan State defeated number 9 Purdue yesterday, and while they fell to Penn State today they will almost certainly actually make the NCAA tourney, though only as one of the final 4 teams (the field is 68 this year). I believe this means they'll have to play one more game just to participate in the first round, but either way making my bracket will be much more enjoyable with the wild card.

Tuesday ~ Battle LA
I somewhat miraculously actually went to see this despite several setbacks and intending to review The Machinist instead. But it's right about what I expected from it, as a whole not entirely terrible but not particularly special either. Can Harvey Dent save the world from aliens?

Wednesday ~ Front Mission 3
Another tactical RPG with an excellent storyline. This game also features 2 separate but extremely lengthy scenarios which follow the same plotline through the game from different points of view. It all begins with a simple decision but spirals outward from there. While the plot stays similar one of them makes the main villain look incredibly awesome whilst the other isn't all that interesting by the end, 150 hours of gameplay on one CD-Rom is pretty impressive though.

Thursday ~ AL West
The AL West has ranged from being an excellent division to a terrible one over the past decade. Can Billy Beane the legendary Moneyballing guru defeat the immaculate Nolan Ryan in a battle of wits? Actually it turns out having a budget to spend on players does matter, so regardless of whether Beane really is special Texas is probably in much better shape for the long haul.

Friday ~ Game of Death 2
Brucesploitation part 2! I haven't really heard anything special about this movie so I'd imagine it's going to be pretty terrible, but hopefully there's a few nice fight scenes with Not Bruce 2 and actual Bruce again.

I bought Saint's Row 2 for about 5 bucks for PC, and while it does have a fair amount of random slowdown this game is ridiculously fun. It's essentially GTA without all the plot bullshit and just a crapload of blowing shit up alongside demolishing the fourth wall. Yahtzee's review is dead on.

Random Favorite Song: Land Down Under

Random Favorite Game Music: Rose of May

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