Saturday, March 5, 2011

Charlie Gekko

[Sheen], for lack of a better word, is good. ~ Gordon Gekko
Today we celebrate the greatest man alive, Charlie Sheen, and his obliteration of all things comedy. He's like an F-18, Bro, even when he sleeps. I did buy Wall Street a few months prior to starting the blog and watched it, 'twas an inspiring cheesy story about how awesome Michael Douglas used to be. But now it's become a story about how Bud Black weaved his way through a mass of pathetic losers with ugly wives to become the master of the corner office and took down a mere mortal lacking tiger blood and Adonis DNA in the process.

Sunday ~ Vagrant Story the Best Deal Ever Made part 3
On March 1st Sony put Vagrant Story on PSN for the emazing price of $5.99, naturally I bought it immediately and was surprised to learn that the game only had 97 Megs consisting it. VS is the best looking game on the PSX, but apart from that my Vagrant Story soundtrack is more than twice that size. Of course, what this ultimately meant is that I could fit it on my old broken analog stick PSP (VS is pretty playable with a D-Pad) and now have a portable copy of VS to go alongside the saved copy on the PS3 and the actual disc which I won't have to use again. In short this was the greatest thing to happen all year, and if you happen to have a PS3 I strongly recommend purchasing this grandest of games. Xenogears was also released last week, oh wait that's an almost unplayable 80 hour drag through hell, stick with "#Winning" alongside Sheen and Vagrant Story.

Monday ~ How to Troll Part 2
After thinking about it for several days I was unable to come up with another non regurgitating sports topic due to the dearth prior to March Madness, so more trolling shall commence, in honor of the fine troll himself Mr Sheen. Perhaps with the powers of my mind I can cure the cancers of the internet in a nanosecond too.
Tuesday ~ Equilibrium
I recently went to a discount used DVD store which actually has competitive prices with the internet and picked up a few good movies which I did not yet have in my collection, I haven't seen either of the first two Bale movies but I have seen the other two films I bought, but I will review them all over the next few weeks regardless. Is Bale the lawman superior to Keanu's inability to act!?
Wednesday ~ Final Fantasy Tactics
We start our taciturn travels through tactical RPGs with the most famous one of them all. Tactical RPGs seem to all follow the same exact mold and all play fairly similar, while graphics and storyline may differ wildly. Fortunately many of their storylines tend to be superior to more traditional JRPGs and enhance the experience greatly, FFT is no exception. Of course, the supporting cast is much more interesting than the protagonist and his party members.

Thursday ~ AL Central
I liked how my last divisional post turned out so now this will be a series of posts over the rest of spring training and the first couple of weeks into the season. Can the mighty White Sox with Country Strong Adam Dunn defeat the accursed Twins and noble Tigers? I'm sure the Twins will mysteriously eke out 90 wins no matter what happens so it's simply a matter of the White Sox getting to 95 or more.
Friday ~ Game of Death
This is the first post Bruce death movie which uses archive footage and look-alikes to piece together a plot. I have no idea how it will turn out but I'm pretty sure this one is actually pretty solid, much better than every other Pseudo Bruce movie out there. The famous fight with Kareem occurs in this movie as well. Can Bruce defeat everyone while in ethereal form? A humorous term for this sort of movie is "Brucesploitation."

I have to recommend Tony Kornheiser's Podcast for the Sheen coverage alone. The sports coverage is fairly decent and Kornheiser's probably the best talking head in the business but the off sports talk is pretty entertaining. It is a local Washington DC radio broadcast but in podcast form it is much more easy to listen to and one of the best shows on the podcenter now, though they don't archive past a few weeks for some odd reason.

Random Favorite Game Music: Each Lullaby

Random Favorite Song:  Push it to the Limit

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