Monday, November 14, 2011

Uncharted Musings

My primary comp is having some issues at the moment so the Dark Souls review might be another few weeks off. Instead I'll engage in some self indulging and say random things about Uncharted 3 multiplayer! As I've said before it's quite luck based but still a decent amount of fun. Map knowledge seems to be the most important factor alongside willingness to camp power weapons like a dink. Personally my advantage in any FPS or 3PS is my intelligence, most console tards are kind of colossal morons and perhaps the dumbest crowd of the whole bunch is people that play Call of Duty et al. The Uncharted populace is no exception to this rule and I've encountered maybe 2 or 3 vaguely smart players out of 10,000+ seen.

So, while I might not have kiddie reflexes I can still outplay most people just by approaching them the right way. I thrive on the predictability of the other team, hence why I mostly played Team Objective and Plunder to start with. Plunder is probably the best match type, though only about 10-15% of the matches wind up being good. The ideal situation is a very low scoring match where it's an all out death struggle for the idol ("flag") non stop for around 20 minutes. This of course means very few campers and about 20-30 deaths for everyone involved. Even if I don't manage to kill 40+ people in this process it's still fantastic as everyone's just saying "fuck it" and going nuts instead of holding back and trying to find people to shoot in the ass/camping.

Unfortunately when my team is predictable I sort of can't do much, as a result I often do much better opposing a premade group of people instead of actually being part of that group. Since I've started playing TDM this has happened quite a lot, my whole team is terrible aside from me and of course we lose but I still get 15-20 kills and 5-10 deaths. I also feel like a champion and am somewhat inclined to not mute the other team as they whine, but their annoying as fuck voices eventually get them muted anyway.

Uncharted 3 has the ingame recording system but it doesn't record matches that you joined after they started, and so about half of the interesting things I've done I can't save for posterity and self applause. I've had about 5 king of the hills where I've killed 8-10 people in the span of a single hill (~2 minutes) but only 3 of them were actually recorded. The craziest thing I did was to kill 4 people in about 5 seconds (disadvantaged 1 on 1 linking immediately into a 3 on 1) with no one else supporting me and it being a head on fight. As a vaguely intelligent player I of course avoid massive confrontations of that sort, but if it so happens that I don't die horribly it certainly feels great. For every guy that kills the whole team on the plane there's hundreds of others who die horribly, including that same player.

There's plenty of people that think they're playing smart when they aren't. For instance, lots of people will blindfire grenades behind them whenever someone shoots them in the back, but this isn't a very good strategy as it more or less wastes the grenade. The one time you should do this is if you're fired upon as you turn a corner, then to throw the grenade so it lands right at that same corner. If it's not visible to the pursuer it's an almost guaranteed kill and you can carry on with your own mass murdering.

Co-op is great, as previously stated. The best thing about it is that there's actually very little luck relative to a regular match. Sure the Heavy Machine Gun guy might walk up behind you and fuck you in the ass but he's just as likely to wander around aimlessly for 10 minutes, plus you could always just toss a cluster grenade or two at him and laugh (if it lands directly at his feet it kills him in one shot and doesn't explode into 9 grenades, otherwise 2 almost always does the trick). While you could argue Co-op is easier I'd just have to disagree as crushing is pretty fucking hard even if you are excellent at other difficulties. Even if you put the 3 best players in the game together they'd still take 10-20 tries to beat crushing adventure maps and 10+ tries on arena. Of course, they'd rather pad their stats on the much more efficient and easy 2 man hard arena of yore.

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