Thursday, November 3, 2011


It bears noting that almost everything listed in the previous post as broken is being nerfed or altered in patch 1.04. This won’t change the review score, but might change a few paragraphs I already wrote. As it is a console game and the Souls game have a reputation for being complete (i.e. no DLC, few patches) those abilities are/were still notable. I’m unsure if I’ll patch the game or not, as I don’t enjoy 4 kings on NG+ at all and simply speeding up the process helps (doubt they were correspondingly nerfed, obviously Iron Flesh needed it). However Dark Souls is a very relaxing break from the oft stressful Uncharted multiplayer, don’t really think I’ll be able to avoid playing it for long.

Speaking of which beta players kept all of their experience and apparently most of their unlocked treasure weapons. In a game like Call of Duty having increased rate of fire is a small advantage but since everyone dies so damn fast it doesn’t really matter, in this since people often take 20+ shots like a champ it’s pretty damn broken (Perks get much better at higher levels, so do “Kill streak bonuses” and weapons). This ignores the hundreds if not thousands of hours of experience that these “people” are likely to have over me. If matchmaking worked hah, I cracked myself up on that one. Still doing alright though and co-op is still fantastic if worst comes to worst. Thank God I found the Mute All button.

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