Thursday, May 1, 2014


So I missed April; I suppose the gravest loss is no Dark Souls II continued coverage. I had a job for most of the month so that's the primary reason why; but I still could have posted a Captain America review since those take me 15 minutes or so to write and consider. But I do still plan to continue on in Dark Souls II and of course eventually write another mammoth review post; but it might be July or something this time around. But for now let me wax philosophical.

I had a question today in Bible study that puzzled me; Have you ever had a life-changing humbling experience? Answer: Of course not; I'm American, there is no humility in America (no one else answered the question other than the Pastor). Okay maybe it's more me than the question. So what would it take for me to be humbled on so grand a scale as to reduce my absurd amount of arrogance at present. Well, I'd basically have to meet Napoleon Bonaparte in person and he'd have to tell me why exactly I'm an idiot; for I would most certainly listen. Similarly while I am especially attractive to young women (somewhere around 95% or so of those that I encounter display some sort of tell to that effect) I have very little interest in them so their ability to humble me is also quite nebulous and vague. I have been taught and firmly believe in an anti-promiscuous society; the antithesis of the present state more or less.

So you see, some might say my standards are too high for role models and mates; but no that's missing the point. My standards are theoretical, non existent, impossible, perhaps even counter-intuitive. Indeed self-teaching is the most efficient method of improvement by far; and perhaps some men don't need instruction so much as they need the opportunity to express themselves in their art of choice; mine being warfare. Yes yes there are people out there like me, there's just an absurdly low chance of me actually meeting any of these people; statistically I have maybe a 1-2% chance if I'm lucky of ever even encountering one of these people in any medium. Moreover, chances are a fair a number of them will die of hunger or spend a life entirely impoverished or imprisoned; my relatively comfortable existence is certainly enviable on some level but also not enviable for the continuous realization of futility. Old man Putin seems to want the world to be more interesting, mayhap it will be yet, mayhap it will be yet.

Notes: Captain America is great; go watch it. Scarlett Johansson is still the weakest part of the film but I guess delivers a passable performance. Everything else is fantastic either for stupidity or amusement. A massive improvement over the first film. Diablo 3: RoS is pretty fun; I've gotten relatively bored now due to ye old RNG and having done everything within 130ish hours. Heroes of the Storm is okay, sort of feels like Warhammer PvP right down to the extraordinary foolishness of most players. Dark Souls II will continue in time, and is still perhaps the 7th or 8th best game ever made.

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