Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yar first sports post in a while. Pujols, the man, the myth, the legend, hit 3 bombs last night in the World Series. He tied Reggie Jackson's record for most in a single game in that illustrious set. Ideally he hits about 15 more over the next few games and secures his magnificent 300 million contract so I can feel rectified in my previous propositions. While he may have failed to get the MVP 4 years in a row he certainly came quite close and will probably get the World Series MVP at this rate. My beloved pa-joles shall extort the victorious Cardinals for as much cash as possible, and rightfully so.

Unfortunately GM's have started to become smarter so ridiculous huge contracts may start to become a thing of the past at some point (or not?). Still, Pujols should set the record as long as he retains his ridiculous postseason numbers. Carlos Beltran was the last player to get a hugeass contract as a result of a postseason (and he actually performed reasonably well in it), but this next deal will double or triple what Beltran received.

In other news Michigan State miraculously won the game against Wisconsin yesterday. This is yet another stupendous example of the Big Ten cannibalizing itself. However, since we are very definitely the second best conference (okay, maybe you could argue Boise State makes Mountain West better all by itself) in the nation we may still wind up with 2 BCS reps this year. The SEC of recruiting violation land might be superior, but our Rust Belt metaphysics will lead us to vic... err I mean crushing defeat. Still, I like the hype at the end of the season that the Big Twelve Ten receives, if only for ridiculousness.

I still kind of spite the Spartans for deciding to not suck for the first time in my life shortly after I graduate. I am a common man and naturally am somewhat resistant to change, my team sucking at football is what's supposed to happen! How dare they be good when I can't really celebrate it effectively any more. HOW DARE THEY! The Packers are golden Gods, the Lions are actually halfway decent (still holding out for a midseason collapse), and the Spartans are good... in the Big Ten. I am happy that Ohio State sucks though.

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